Sunday, November 13, 2016

Patella Strap

Patella Knee Strap

About the Product:
  • StabilityAce Patella Knee Strap Ideal for Relief of Patellar Tendonitis, Irritated Kneecap and Osgood-Schlatter Disease
  • Tubular Insert Provides Focused, Uniform Pressure to Help Guide the Patella
  • One Size Fits Most, Fits Right or Left Knee, Shipped from USA
  • Fully Adjustable and Comfortable, Lightweight and Breathable Neoprene Fabric for All Day Wear Especially During Exercise
  • Designed to Boost Overall Stability of the Knee and Improve Patellar Tracking by Applying Mild Compression on Tendon Below Kneecap, 100% Lifetime Guarantee, Click To Buy Now!

My Review:
Back in May 2016, I participated in a Parent/Coach All Star Cheerleading team. While performing on the competition floor, I rolled my ankle and tweeked my knee. I went several months with little pain, until I slipped in the mud and rolled my ankle again, which then tweeked my knee. Now, I do have flexable ankles, so nothing happened there, but my knee was killing me. I finally went to the doctors office and had X-rays done. Yep, I threw out my knee to the outside of my leg. My doctor said that I needed to use a patella strap to help my knee get back into place, along with at home PT. I also coach competitive cheerleading and tumbling. I am constantly up and down on my knees. This knee strap came at the perfect time! I'm so excited to stay that it has really helped with keep my knee stable. I also love that I can wear it to work and all day long. It doesn't prevent me from coaching or running. I'm also a runner! Sometimes I'll wear the strap to bed and don't have any problems. I've been very happy with this strap and recommend it to other runners, coaches, or anyone with knee problems. I forgot to mention that the strap is adjustable, so it can fit anyone!

Disclaimer: Product was provided for my review. All words are my own.

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