Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Color Vibe

The Color Vibe 5k
Jacksonville, NC

Here we are! I had signed myself and Jordan up to run this one together. Brie was going to volunteer to be at a color station with my friend, Megan. Brie really wanted to run the race, so I gave her my bib and I got to volunteer with my dude and Megan!

Waiting for our ride to pick us up and take us to our station!

Lord help me! This child just can't contain himself. He found some purple and put it all over himself and the race hasn't even started! Plus, we are the GREEN station!

What happens then you are tossing green at all the people passing by! Yep, you are covered in green! I think we all look like the Grinch!

Brie has arrived at our station! Hello Child! Don't get to crazy!

Color Selfie!

Yep, she's got colored legs!


Almost done! Listening to Jams and Having Fun! Thats what the Color Vibe is about!

Selfie! Teens and their selfies!

She said her arms looked like Jaw Breakers and I needed to take a photo!

What a fun day! Jordan was done and did not want to take a photo with us cool kids!

If you ever get the chance to volunteer at a color run, you will have a blast! It was so much fun tossing green all over people as they ran by. Be sure to follow the rules and don't toss it in people's faces. I hate when that happens to me. I won't want that in my face or ears! Be courteous to the runners! Volunteering is also great for students. You can get some volunteer hours in and you're helping your community while having fun!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Chum Run Obstacle Course

Chum Run 2.5 miles
Sept. 12, 2015
Atlantic Beach, NC 
Time: 1:30

Who is ready for the obstacle course? We are!

My friend Megan came across this run a few weeks prior to the event. We signed up and here we are! Ready to run the beach!

The Course Map and Obstacles!


Warm Ups before the Race!

Wow! That was a hard race. I've never run on the beach prior to this. It was a bit brutal. The current in the water was bad, so no Buoy Buster - we had to do what is listed for people who were no doing the water - "Failure Penalty". I'm not a burpee's kind of person, so I always skip those.

Megan and I stayed together until we go to station 2. Then I told her to go on. She runs the beach and I don't. I said you just go on. Don't wait for me. I pretty much walked to each station. Like I said, I don't run on the beach, so this way hard for me to do. My legs got a serious workout just walking and doing the obstacles.

I completed everything except the wall "Dune Hopper". The wall was too much of an incline that I wasn't able to pull myself up on their rope. So I walked around them. I attempted it once.

Overall, it was a fun race. I had a good time and met a fellow runner who was also walking. I found out she also did the Princess Half Marathon this year in Disney. So we chatted between obstacles.

We encouraged each other until the end! It's always nice to meet other runners who are at your pace and you can stick with them! I always try to find someone who is my speed if possible. 

Yes, this was a hard one, but it was a lot of fun. I'll do it again next year! It was exciting to be part of their First Annual race! Hopefully, next year we'll be able to actually swim in the water!

Be sure to click the link above to stay informed about next years race!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Thrive Story

My Thrive Story
August  19, 2015

June 27, 2015                                      August 19, 2015

Hello! I’m Delina Sorrels and I live in North Carolina. This is my Le-Vel Thrive Story!

I’m a mom to 2 great kids who are 15 and 7. I also help care for my niece who is 2 and my nephew who is 7. I coach competitive cheerleading and tumbling, as well as coach high school cheerleading. I make vinyl decals and gifts. I’m also a product reviewer. On top off all that, I’m a runner and I love running in races! I run all over the place non-stop. As you can see, I’m an exhausted mom who somehow makes everything run smoothly in our lives. I’m constantly going to all 4 corners of the earth at once. So you can say that I’m a busy mom.

I met Sandi Guillory back in May this year. She had messaged me on facebook to make a few personalized acrylic keyrings. We talked acrylics and vinyls online for a few days. After about 4 days of Facebook message chatting, She then asked me if I’d ever heard of Le-Vel Thrive.  So of course, I was curious as to what it was. I asked what it was and she told me and got me on a phone call. I loved her excitement about talking about Thrive. I was still skeptical about Thrive, but I also got excited about it because of her excitement. I probably would not have gotten on the phone with her had she not been chatting with me prior too. I don’t usually get on the phone with some stranger to try and sell me some product. But Sandi made a personal connection with me and I was comfortable chatting with her on the phone. She never made me feel obligated into listening to her story or buying anything. She just said let me know when you are ready! Had we not made that personal connection prior to the phone call, I’m pretty sure that I would not be here today!

Sandi said she offered 3 day trial packs for $25. I had wanted to give it a try, but ended up with an unexpected flat tire and just didn’t have the money. So she said she would give it to me for free if I’d post on social media about it and your experience. I said sure! So began my new adventure!

I gave my 3 day trial pack a go and was amazed at how awesome it was and how I felt like I was 20 again, I’m 34 by the way! My body felt great! So on day 2 I decided to become a promoter! I couldn’t believe it! I needed this product in my life! My body felt great, I wasn’t tired mid-day and I woke up refreshed!

At first, I just did not have the money to get my first $200 pack. I had a $220 speeding ticket I had to pay. There went the money I had saved up for my Thrive. So, I did a yard sale! I made $99! So since I made $99, my husband gave me the rest to put on the credit card to get me started!

I started my first real month a few weeks after I had initially joined as a promoter. I had gone about 3 weeks without Thrive after my 3 day trial pack and went back to my old way of feeling terrible, taking naps mid-day, just not feeling my best. I was so thankful to have started my 1st month!

At Day one I was starting to feel great! Getting that Thrive back into my system!

At Day 3 we left from NC to Arkansas for our family vacation to see my husband family. We drove and it was so easy to use Thrive in the car! Even though I’m on day 3, my legs did not bother me sitting for 20 hours in the car and neither did my back!

At Day 10 I was feeling fantastic! I was able to get my 5 mile run complete with no leg discomfort or low back discomfort! Getting up at 6am in not a problem! I’m also not wanting to layout on the floor from exhaustion! This is amazing! I was ready to take on the day without being tired!

As of today, I’m at week 7 of my 8 week Thrive Experience! I am loving that I can wake up refreshed in the morning. I don’t feel tired still. I fall asleep quickly at night. I’m down 8 lbs and several inches! I’m constantly told how good I look and that I’ve lost so much weight, even though I haven’t really lost that much. I’d been at a plateau for nearly a year with my weight and nothing was helping! I don’t have those minor aches and pains from coaching. I feel that I’m more productive as a parent! I want to be the best parent I can be and be a healthier parent for my kids and Thrive helps gives me that! My mood is great also! My kids and husband say that I’m more calm and not over reacting like I usually do! They like me better as the happy mom and not the crazy mom!

If I had not met Sandi, I’d still be in my same old rut and just going through life surviving the day.  Now I’m Thriving and Living a Happier Life!

I can’t thanks Sandi enough for coming into my life and sharing her experience with Thrive and sharing Thrive with me! Not only is Sandi my upline, but she’s also an amazing friend!  Thank you Sandi!

So that is my story and I hope everyone enjoyed it! If you want to join Thrive, check out my link above and sign up for a free NO OBLIGATION account! Contact me and Lets Chat!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 4 of Thrive!

Week 4 of Thrive!
July 27, 2015

I'm down 4 lbs total in 1 month. Its been exactly 1 month since I started doing Thrive!

So excited to share my 1 month experience on Thrive! So far I've noticed that my knees no longer hurt during or after my runs! WHAT! Yes! I'm so excited! I also haven't had any shin splints! Good Bye KT Tape! It's been great knowing you, but I don't need you anymore!

I coach competitive cheerleading and tumbling. I pick up kids who are as big as myself. My shoulders usually bother me, but not any more! I've have no shoulder pain over the past few weeks. No more heating pad for me! 

I've lost 4 lbs so far in a month! I'm stoked about that! I'm really excited because we've been on vacation for 2 1/2 weeks, then I had 2 coaches conferences to attend and I have ate like crap and haven't ran since before we left for Arkansas. So loosing 4 pounds in a month is exciting to me! I can't wait to see what the next month holds for me since I am now home, eating healthy again, and running!

I've noticed that I've got more patience with the kids. They drive me crazy! We don't have kids around us that are my kids ages, so they mainly just have each other! 7 years old and 15 years old, it's hard for them to get along for a long period of time! But I'm more patient and thats always a bonus!

I see the inches coming off! I keep having people ask me if I lost weight and how good I'm looking! That gets me excited! My goal weight is 160. For my height, I'm suppose to be between 170 and  150. So my goal is in between! I can do this! I know I'll never be the skinny kid I was in high school, but I can be the healthier me at a healthier weight!

So many results! I can't wait to see what the next month will bring me! This is exciting!!!

I finally got the hubby on the Thrive bandwagon! He needs it! He wants to loose weight and get healthy and this is it! I'm so excited that he has started this journey too! It always helps when you have your partner doing this with you!

One thing I love about Thrive is that if you get 2 friends to join you, you can get it free! I'm getting it FREE Folks! Yes! FREE! Ask me about it!!!

Still curious about Thrive? Check out my website! Sign up for a FREE account with no obligations!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Thrive Day 7

Thriving Day 7
July 3, 2015

Up at 7am, did my Thrive this morning. I had planned on running this morning but those hills yesterday put a hurting on my knees. I run flat ground and out here is just nothing but hills. So my body isnt use to running up and down hills on gravel and I cant really train for it. 

Besides all that, I felt amazing all day. My body is feeling great too! Sure, my knees hurt a bit climbing stairs, but its no big deal. 

One of the biggest changes I have noticed this far is that when I'm ready for bed, I read about 1 page of my book and I'm out cold. That never happens. I usually read anywhere from 7 pages to a whole chapter before I pass out. So I'm loving that I can lay down and actually fall asleep quickly. I was in bed about 10:30 last night. 

Another thing I have noticed is that I wake up naturally about 7am and I'm awake. I'm not drowsy and making myself get up and dragging along. I wake up and ready to go for the day! I love that feeling. I'm productive and feel great!

I use to feel tired and run down all the time and since I have been on Thrive, I am feeling amazing! Who wants to feel great everyday? I do!

Are you ready to starting Thriving??? 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thrive Day 5

Thrive Day 5
July 1, 2015

I think I passed out around mid-night last night in the front seat. Its a 20 hour drive to Arkansas. The truck wasn't a bad ride at all. 

I woke up about 5am. Normally I would take my Thrive as soon as I woke up but didnt have any water up front. It was all in the cooler in the truck bed. 

I snoozed on and off for a bit and talked to Brandon while he drove. 

I finally got to take my vitamins and shake and put on my patch about 8am. I love the taste of the shake! My favorite part of the system!

I usually don't sleep or nap in the truck, but the grumble of the truck puts me out. I cant sleep because I cant get comfortable. Then my back, neck and shoulder hurt. No pain today!

Made it to Brandon's dads house and been hanging out and chatting! I have felt great all day!

I'm going to Thank Thrive for having a pain free ride from NC to Arkansas. I can't usually handle long rides without hurting a bit. No pain! So excited!!!

We went to Florida earlier this year for the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend (read my posts here about it). I wish I had Thrive back then. Between the truck ride there and back and then 3 days of Universal Studios, and 3 days of races, my body took a week to recover. 

If you are a runner, I highly recommend Thrive! I'm not here for a sales pitch at all! I dont even care about making a commission check! My blog is to share my story and my journey! I hope you'll join me in this adventure!! You wont regret your decision to join!

Dont forget! If you get 2 friends to join, you get it FREE! Yes, FREE! 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thrive Day 4

Thrive Day 4
June 30, 2015

I had planned to do Tabata this morning before our trip to Arkansas, but my friend who teaches the class has the flu along with her 2 little girls. 

Up at 7am, doing my Thrive and feeling really good. Well its packing day and travel day. I've got laundry and cleaning od the house, as well as packing. We leave this evening. 

I got everything done and we hit the road about 8pm. Kids packed and loaded!

Finally passed out around mid-night in the front seat. 

I made sure I packed my 3 part system in my shaker and had it in the front seat for in the morning. 

I dont get very excited about much, but I am excited about Thrive and I look forward to having it everyday! I love it and it has totally changed my life. 

I'm a horrible sales person but Thrive is AMAZING! 

If you check out my blog post about my 3-Day Trial Pack, its loaded with a lot of information! Dont look at it as a price tag! Its a life style change!

Stop surviving day to day and start Thriving everyday! Live a long and Happy Life! Wouldnt you want to be around for your kids and grandkids? I know I do!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Thrive Day 3

Thrive Day 3
June 29, 2014

out the door at 6:30am for a morning run! I'm a little sleepy!

5 Miles are done!! I feel AMAZING!

Day 3, HERE I AM!

I slept great last night! I'm up at 6am and ready for a good run with James and Ashley! We managed 5 miles with Ashley. James got there before we did and have completed 1 mile. I'm a little jealous. I could have gone for another mile, but Ashley was struggling. No worries! I'm here to help her and encourage her! So I'm good for 1 mile!

I'm feeling good and getting things done. I do blog reviews for products and I have been able to focus today and get caught up before our vacation.

I'm really excited about going on vacation and will definitely be taking my Thrive with me! I have plenty to take with me and have everything I need on hand.

One hard thing about being on vacation is staying motivated to run! I was on a great routine and running all the time. We went to Arkansas for 1 1/2 weeks and I ran one day that we were there. That was it. Came home and kept saying "I'll run tomorrow". It was so hard to get back into the swing and I was just going here and there and didn't have a steady routine. Thats not going to happen while I'm gone! I'm determined to stay on track and keep running and eating healthy as possible. 

I've got Tabata tomorrow at 8:30am, so I'll sleep in until 7:30am. I love Tabata. If you've never done it, it's awesome and you get a GREAT workout! It's a HIIT workout or High Intensity Interval Training. Love it! I always feel it the next day!

It's so weird that I'm excited about having Thrive in the morning and I'm excited to get up so early in the morning and take on the world. Yeah, thats not me normally at all. I like my sleep and I've always had a hard time with taking something daily. I always forget, ALWAYS forget!

Well, I'm off to finish up my blog reviews! Then I've got to start packing and preparing to leave tomorrow evening! I'm PUMPED!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thrive Day 2

Thriving Day 2
June 28, 2015

3 miles done with my neighbor

4 miles done with Friends

Up at 6:30am and doing my Thrive! Yep! It's Day 2 and I'm out the door to get 3 miles done with my neighbor. It was a good morning and I'm feeling good!

I get a text from my friend James and Ashley wanting to go for a morning run. I said BRING IT ON! Lets do this! I'm out the door 40 minutes later and we get 4 miles on the books! It's always nice to have friends who want to run with you!

Now onward to the rest of the day! I'm feeling fantastic and I'm excited for the rest of the day. My husband and I have a lot of things to get done before we take our trip to Arkansas in a few days to visit his family. Time to get those travel things, the rest of our camping gear, and last minute things. A day of shopping!

Well, I had a great day! No mid-day napping, getting things done and feeling good. I'm excited and looking forward to tomorrow morning and having my Thrive! Oh yes! I'm excited about Thrive!

I'm in bed about 10pm and out not to much longer after that!  Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep and sometimes I don't sleep too well. So we will see how tonight goes!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Le-Vel Thrive Journey Day 1

Le-Vel Thrive
Day 1 Journey - June 27, 2015

Starting Weight! 187.2 lbs
In 8 weeks, I'll post my weight again!

My Start Picture!
In 8 weeks, I'll post my side profile again - maybe sooner!

My Thrive for Today!

I'm Thriving! Are You?

Up at 7am and doing my Le-Vel Thrive! Yep! I'm super excited for this new adventure in my life. I'm working to toward becoming healthier and loosing weight. So this is my 8 week journey that I'm going to log and keep track of how I'm doing.

As soon as my feet hit the floor, I'm ready! I take my 2 vitamins, wait 20 mins, then drink my shake with cold water, then after I'm done with my shake, I'm slapping on my Pink Patch! I'm done for the rest of the day! (The shake is NOT a meal replacement! Be sure to eat breakfast)

Today, I'm feeling pretty good! It hot outside and I'm moving right long and getting things done. Lots of energy and just feeling good. Not everyone will notice a difference in their body one day 1, but I'm feeling good and I'm excited!

I want my body to feel good and I want to feel good and Thrive does that for me!

I'm really excited to be a promoter for Le-Vel Thrive! Not only am I helping myself, but I'm here to help others! Be sure to read about my 3 day trails that is packed full of information about Thrive on my other post!

Here's how I'm looking at Thrive:
I can spend my extra money on hitting up Starbucks, going to the movies, buying things I really don't need or I can invest in my health. I'm investing in my health and well being! AND I'm EXCITED about that! Check out my website and join for FREE! Just, it's free to join! If you want to purchase Thrive, feel free to do so! You will be happy that you did!

Feel Free To Post Below and Ask me about it!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Restart Up

Week 1 of my ReStart Up to Running!
June 8-12, 2015

Well I fell off my own weight loss band wagon. Got a little discouraged and then it got hot and I always had an excuse. 

Yes, I am the Queen of Procrastination! I come up with a reason on why I'll do it tomorrow. I have always done that. I drive  myself crazy with my procrastination. 

Well...I havent been on the scale for a while and wanted to see how much I weighed. Yikes! 191! That hurt! 

A while back, a friend (Ashley) had asked me how did I get into running. I told her my story. You can read about it here on my blog. 

She said that she would love to start loosing weight. I gave her tips on what I have personally done to loose weight when I was doing really good last year. 

We started walking on Tuesday this week. 6:30am to start the day walking. It was hard but I got up and we went for a walk. 

The one difficult thing of having a new partner is that she is over weight and is not active at all. So walking 4 miles was a bit of a struggle for her. 

My struggle was walking slow. I felt like I was strolling slowly through Wal-Mart. I like to get my heart rate up and walk fairly fast. 

However, we were able to chat and get to know each other better. Ashley did a great job and I was so proud of her!

We took Wednesday off for her to recover. 

Thursday we went a tad farther and almost did 5 miles but not quite. It was another slow walk for me but thats alright. Ashley will get fast as her body gets use to movin' and groovin'. 

Friday Ashley wanted to try running. I'm all for running. Ashley started out really good. She started running before me. I let her get a good ways away before I started running. I saw she was starting to slow down and starting to struggle. I can up behind her, tagged her arm and told her to get to the tree and she can stop. She did it! I was so Proud!

We did a lot of running and walking for 3 miles. I asked her how she was feeling and if she was ready to stop or wanted to keep going. She said lets do one more since we've been doing 4 miles anyway. 

Off we went. We did more walking and talking than running. I could tell she was getting tired. 

We finish mile 4 and she said, "Lets do one more and make it 5". I said "Lets Do It!". 

I was so Proud of Ashley! She totally rocked! She struggled and pushed through it. She totally rocked it. 

On our way back to the car, she asked me if I was ready for tomorrow morning! I told her I would be out of town but I'm cheering her on while I'm gone!

I never have a partner that I stick with when I run. I always feel like I'm holding them back. I actually had fun keeping up at Ashley's pace. I was able to motivate her and keep her going. I felt really good helping her out. I am faster in my walk and faster in my run, but thats ok! I'm here to help her right now! She'll get there!

I'm so glad I'm getting back into the swing of things! I need to get my booty in gear and get moving again!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Le-Vel Thrive

Le-Vel Thrive

What is this patch?
What does it do?
Give me the scoop on this!
Continue Reading my Blog to find out more!

Do you want to take a TON of different supplements and vitamins?

This is the Thrive System! Its so simple!

1. Take 2 vitamins as soon as you wake up!
2. Wait 20/30 mins and drink your shake with COLD water (make a smoothie and add fruit)
3. Apply your patch and leave on for 24 hours. 

Simple Right? Well it is!

So that brings me to Le-Vel Thrive. I asked all kinds of questions. I did some homework and you cant really find anything on the internet about it exactly. So I asked questions. I did a conference call with my now sponsor and a higher up person and asked questions. I got some answers but not really what I was looking for. I was a bit disappointed. I kind of felt like when I asked questions about the product, I wasn't getting a straight answer. I'm a "Give It To Me Straight" kind of person. Don't beat around the bush. So besides wanting to share my experience with Thrive, I wanted to tell about it as well. Give you a bit of an idea of what it's all about!

However, Sandi's (my sponsor/up line) was just very enthusiastic about this and told me how to earn a month free! If you have 2 friends sign up for monthly packages, you get a month free. I wanted to try a 3 day trial she had. So then I can give this a try myself and see results for myself before I believe in this. 

One thing with Le-Vel is that you don't do PARTIES! Being a Scentsy and Thirty One Consultant, it revolves around doing parties. This does not! You do need to advertise your product and tell people your story - what has the product done for you! Networking is big! You want to reach out to people and tell them about this new product!

I received a 3 Day Trial Pack.  Here is what Thrive did for me!

Day 1
I got up at 6am to get mile 4 mile run in. I was tired and did not want to get up. I hate getting up early and I sure do hate to run. But I love doing races, so I have to train. I took the vitamins, waited 30 mins and did the shake. After I finished my shake, I put the patch on my chest. Left the house and went for my run. 

After my run, I took the kids to the beach.  We all got a little sun and sand time. Then we came home. 

Now normally, I would have been exhausted by this point, but I wasnt. I was really surprised how fast this worked. I questioned if this system was really working. 

Later that night, I went to work. I coach cheerleading tumbling classes at our local cheer gym. I coach in the late evenings and Im usually home by 9pm. At this point Im usually pretty exhausted. I try to be in bed by 10pm. 

Day 2
Im up at 6:30, do the system, out for my run at 7am. I got 5 miles in this morning. Shower and take on my day. 

Now normally I'm ready for a nap by mid-day. 2 kids, its summer time and no school. Yeah, I need a nap but was feeling good. 

Then I realize its the middle of the day and I did not have my cup of coffee for the 2nd day! What! I forgot to have my coffee again! I'm a coffee drinker, daily! I fill up my 24oz Tervis Tumbler and drink it all. Since when do I forgot to have my coffee? Never! Well I have forgot about it 2 days in a row!

So now I'm thinking to myself, well this is really working. I'm waking up with no problem. I'm motivated to get back into running. This has got to be this system. 

Now I need to evaluate what is going on so far. 
-Got up and wasnt dragging
-I'm not snacking or craving junk
-I'm feeling good

Ok now. I've only have taken this for 2 days. Can this really be working? I believe it is! I have to sign up and become a Brand Promoter! 

I have signed up! Woo Hoo!

Now dont get any crazy ideas. I've been selling Scentsy and Thirty One for 4 years now. I know a little something about direct sales. More on this later. 

Day 3
I got up early and did not sleep well. I'm staying at my sisters and I dont sleep well in other peoples beds. But I got up at 7am. Chatted with her roommates, showered and hit up my Thirty One meeting. 

After the meeting, I came back, packed up and got the kids ready for a few hours at the beach. 

After the beach, we came back and got ready for the movies. 

After that, we had dinner and hung out the rest of the evening. It was a long long day. 

Again, I felt great all day, I wasnt tired by midday, specially after having a beach trip. 

Being on vacation for the weekend and eating right is hard but it was actually quite easy to do. I didnt over eat or snack. 

I am loving that I actually feel good when I get up. I'm not sluggish in the morning or dragging in the middle of the day.  I'm also getting a really good night sleep. Which is unusual for me. I don't usually sleep well and toss and turn.

So now lets move on to about the product.

Don't think of this as "That's a lot of money!" It's $5 a day! Yes, just $5 a day to a healthier You!
I wanted to show this before I get into the product. Then you know what to expect price wise. Don't look at this as "OMG! That is so expensive!" Let me ask you you get Starbucks, eat out for lunch or dinner, do you buy a soda and snack at the store? Well sit down an figure up how much money you are spending daily and weekly on "extra" things you really don't need. Yeah, you are probably realizing that you DO spend a lot of money on things you really don't need and if you gave up those things, you can spend it on a life changing product and I'm sure you'll have a little extra money left over!

Now Le-Vel Thrive is a Nutritional/Vitamin Supplement program. It's that simple.

Thrive is NUTRITION....not medicine. THRIVE competes with our foods and lifestyle, not any medical issue or treatment. Ask yourself, can you eat broccoli with diabetes? Can you have oranges if you are taking medicine for arthritis? THRIVE competes with lifestyles...whether it's a chosen one (food choices, lack of exercise, etc) or elemental (chemicals in lotions, air, foods, etc). Thrive is CONSTANTLY working to detoxify the body and put back IN what should be in there.

THRIVE is designed to target the weaknesses in your body by potentially filling nutritional gaps, which keep the body from performing as designed. The nutrition you're getting from the 1-2-3 in the morning will replace what is missing and get the body back to operating at peak levels.

Now I have to say that I'm a skeptical kind of person. I don't believe in a lot of this hoopla of magic wraps, magic pills, or magic anything when it comes to being healthy and loosing weight! There is nothing magical out there! I don't care what anyone says. No that pill is not going to help you loose weight. No that wrap is not going to make your fat just disappear. No you can't eat junk and be unhealthy and have some magic product.

Now I'm not trying to bash another companies products. If you want to believe it will work, by all means, have at it! This is just my opinion!

My philosophy is always eat healthy, exercise, and you'll see the results over time. Weight loss is NOT an over night thing. It takes time and patience.

I really believe in Le-Vel Thrive and the results that it is giving to men and women all over the country! Want to give it a try?

A 3-Day Trial is $25 (includes shipping)
A 7-Day Trail is $50 (includes shipping)

Send me an Email and Lets get you Started! You won't be disappointed!
be sure to put in the subject line "THRIVE"