Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Color Vibe

The Color Vibe 5k
Jacksonville, NC

Here we are! I had signed myself and Jordan up to run this one together. Brie was going to volunteer to be at a color station with my friend, Megan. Brie really wanted to run the race, so I gave her my bib and I got to volunteer with my dude and Megan!

Waiting for our ride to pick us up and take us to our station!

Lord help me! This child just can't contain himself. He found some purple and put it all over himself and the race hasn't even started! Plus, we are the GREEN station!

What happens then you are tossing green at all the people passing by! Yep, you are covered in green! I think we all look like the Grinch!

Brie has arrived at our station! Hello Child! Don't get to crazy!

Color Selfie!

Yep, she's got colored legs!


Almost done! Listening to Jams and Having Fun! Thats what the Color Vibe is about!

Selfie! Teens and their selfies!

She said her arms looked like Jaw Breakers and I needed to take a photo!

What a fun day! Jordan was done and did not want to take a photo with us cool kids!

If you ever get the chance to volunteer at a color run, you will have a blast! It was so much fun tossing green all over people as they ran by. Be sure to follow the rules and don't toss it in people's faces. I hate when that happens to me. I won't want that in my face or ears! Be courteous to the runners! Volunteering is also great for students. You can get some volunteer hours in and you're helping your community while having fun!

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