Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cheer Coach/Parent Team

Eastern Tumble and Cheer Coach and Parent Team - The Catastrophes!
April 21, 2016

It's been a while since I have last posted. I've had some serious life changes going on since my last post, but that is neither here nor there. Lets talk about some fun!

Cheer Coaches who ROCK!
I've haven't been running or hiking in a long time, but I did do a parent/coach all star cheerleading team earlier this year! We had such a blast putting our routine together, having practices, and enjoying what our children do on the competition floor! My daughter also competed at the same competition, which was great for us to do together!

If you or your child are at a All-Star cheer gym and they have a parent team, You have to get involved. Not only do you get a good workout, but you get to see what your child goes through every time they have practice and when they hit the competition floor! It really is a workout. You work your whole body doing this stuff! You have to stunt, tumble, dance, and do jumps - just like the kids! It's totally worth it in the end!

Stretching is very important! All of us "old" people can do this!

What! It's time to compete! For REAL!

Thats US! Our name in Lights! Well on the screen for all to see!

YES! We did awesome! Everyone received a medal and the gym received the trophy! Coach/Parent teams are exhibitions teams. Everyone gets a score sheet (which just tells us how awesome we are) and medals and a trophy! Of course you must have a photo with the trophy!

Brie and I with our wins! She received 1st place for Senior Level 4 individual category! She rocks!

This is our team - The Catastrophes!

The announcer at the competitions said "If you noticed, each one of their shirts have a different number on the back. In case you haven't figured it out, it's their birth year!" Everyone loved the idea!

I have been coaching for a very long time and Brie has been involved in gymnastics since she was 2 years old. At 4 years old, we started into cheerleading. Cheerleading is my life and what I love coaching! It's a rewarding job! This was a once in a life time opportunity for Brie and I to actually compete together. It's a day that I'll never forget. I can't thank Jenn Sabdo (owner of ETC) for taking us into her gym with open arms since we had left our other gym 6 months before and Brie really wanted to do individuals at competitions. There was no question about it and Jenn took us in!

At the End of the Season Banquette! I was awarded another medal and "Most Motivating" award. I'm all about encouraging and motivating. I just treated my team members like my cheerleaders and kept them going! Thats what I do!

Want to see our video!
Click Here
Our team was pretty awesome!

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