Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Cheer Season

A New Cheer Season and A New Gym
June 1, 2016

We are over at East Carolina Cheerleading And Tumbling School, better known as ECCats in Winterville. This is our new home and we just love it! I'm coaching a Senior Level 2 team (Fierce Cats) currently and of course, this is Brie's senior year of high school and she's on my team. She'll be doing individuals this season as a Level 4 cheerleader, but I need her on my team. We just love it there.

Yes, I am still over at ETC as well. I coach just tumbling classes over there for my kids who want me to coach tumbling still for them. They drive to ETC once a week to work with me, which I love! My faithful followers! They wanted me to coach and so I coach!

Daughter and Mom with Nfinity Cheer Bags - we match

I'm really sad that my cheer partner in crime is a senior in high school this year. Yes, she'll be college bound next year! My coaching life will forever change when I no longer have my partner. It will be quiet in the car and my singing partner will move on. Of course, I will continue to coach. It's my life calling. My life would be empty without cheerleading! Besides, I'm at an amazing cheer gym with the most awesome people! I haven't been this happy coaching all stars in a very long time.

Here's to a great season!

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