Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Knee Injury! UGG!

When there is pain! You try to ignore it because you want to continue doing what you do. You fear what a doctor will say. So you just "Walk It Off" until you can't anymore. Then you head to the doctors...

Thanks for my adventures in doing a coach/parent team, I am not running. I haven't been able to run for a while without my knee bothering me. I rolled my ankle on the competition floor, which tweeked my knee. I tried to just deal with it myself and finally took my self to the surgeon who did my dad's shoulders. I'm also having really bad shoulder pain and both shoulders.

So the verdict, I have early signs of arthritis in my knee (I'm only 35 people), as well as I have caused my left knee cap to be off to the left instead of being center. So I have been wrapping my knee in KT tape! I love that tape. As for my shoulders, I was given PT for at home. The doc thinks I tore something inside both shoulders and wear and tear going on.

The doc said that due to my profession, I have advanced the wear and tear on my body. My knee and shoulders are normal signs of someone in my line of work. So I was given 1 steroid injection into my left shoulder (my right is feeling better from the PT exercises) and 1 steroid injection into my left knee. So we shall see how things pan out. I have aches and pains here and there, but nothing like before! BUT let me just tell you, when that needle went into my knee, I nearly came off the table! The shoulder wasn't that bad, but the knee was terrible. Yes, I'll do it again if needed, but JEEZ!

I love coaching cheerleading and my body can't stop me! I'm sure it will one day, but not today! I'm a hands on coach and do a lot of spotting when it comes to tumbling. I am constantly on my knees and standing up, picking up kids, ect. I'm always moving about. I told the doc that surgery is not an option until I'm 60! So hopefully my body will hold out until I'm 60!

So currently, I am not allowed to run. No races, no training, no running! I'm really sad about that because I love running races. I don't like to walk a whole race unless I'm with my 8 year old son and he's being a bum. I am allowed to walk and have to walk slow. Which is no fun. I need to run and get back into it. I have an appointment in the middle of November for a recheck of the knee and shoulder. So hopefully, things will be good and I can start running again.

Coaching and yoga are my workouts currently! My friend is a personal trainer and I love taking her classes! TABATA is my favorite. It's HIIT program. If you haven't heard of it, you must find a class and join! It's awesome! You don't even realize that you are working out, which I love. I'm waiting for her to start back teach that again. She's really into Crossfit right now.

Anyway, so this is me and what I'm doing today! I'll keep posting on my progress! I've put on weight since my knee injury back in April this year. Not much, but enough that I'm not happy and must get it off. I'll be posting about that soon!

Remember...if you think you have an injury, go to the doctor! Don't hold off. You can be doing some serious damage to your body!

Stay Tuned!

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