Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thrive Day 2

Thriving Day 2
June 28, 2015

3 miles done with my neighbor

4 miles done with Friends

Up at 6:30am and doing my Thrive! Yep! It's Day 2 and I'm out the door to get 3 miles done with my neighbor. It was a good morning and I'm feeling good!

I get a text from my friend James and Ashley wanting to go for a morning run. I said BRING IT ON! Lets do this! I'm out the door 40 minutes later and we get 4 miles on the books! It's always nice to have friends who want to run with you!

Now onward to the rest of the day! I'm feeling fantastic and I'm excited for the rest of the day. My husband and I have a lot of things to get done before we take our trip to Arkansas in a few days to visit his family. Time to get those travel things, the rest of our camping gear, and last minute things. A day of shopping!

Well, I had a great day! No mid-day napping, getting things done and feeling good. I'm excited and looking forward to tomorrow morning and having my Thrive! Oh yes! I'm excited about Thrive!

I'm in bed about 10pm and out not to much longer after that!  Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep and sometimes I don't sleep too well. So we will see how tonight goes!

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