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Le-Vel Thrive

Le-Vel Thrive

What is this patch?
What does it do?
Give me the scoop on this!
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Do you want to take a TON of different supplements and vitamins?

This is the Thrive System! Its so simple!

1. Take 2 vitamins as soon as you wake up!
2. Wait 20/30 mins and drink your shake with COLD water (make a smoothie and add fruit)
3. Apply your patch and leave on for 24 hours. 

Simple Right? Well it is!

So that brings me to Le-Vel Thrive. I asked all kinds of questions. I did some homework and you cant really find anything on the internet about it exactly. So I asked questions. I did a conference call with my now sponsor and a higher up person and asked questions. I got some answers but not really what I was looking for. I was a bit disappointed. I kind of felt like when I asked questions about the product, I wasn't getting a straight answer. I'm a "Give It To Me Straight" kind of person. Don't beat around the bush. So besides wanting to share my experience with Thrive, I wanted to tell about it as well. Give you a bit of an idea of what it's all about!

However, Sandi's (my sponsor/up line) was just very enthusiastic about this and told me how to earn a month free! If you have 2 friends sign up for monthly packages, you get a month free. I wanted to try a 3 day trial she had. So then I can give this a try myself and see results for myself before I believe in this. 

One thing with Le-Vel is that you don't do PARTIES! Being a Scentsy and Thirty One Consultant, it revolves around doing parties. This does not! You do need to advertise your product and tell people your story - what has the product done for you! Networking is big! You want to reach out to people and tell them about this new product!

I received a 3 Day Trial Pack.  Here is what Thrive did for me!

Day 1
I got up at 6am to get mile 4 mile run in. I was tired and did not want to get up. I hate getting up early and I sure do hate to run. But I love doing races, so I have to train. I took the vitamins, waited 30 mins and did the shake. After I finished my shake, I put the patch on my chest. Left the house and went for my run. 

After my run, I took the kids to the beach.  We all got a little sun and sand time. Then we came home. 

Now normally, I would have been exhausted by this point, but I wasnt. I was really surprised how fast this worked. I questioned if this system was really working. 

Later that night, I went to work. I coach cheerleading tumbling classes at our local cheer gym. I coach in the late evenings and Im usually home by 9pm. At this point Im usually pretty exhausted. I try to be in bed by 10pm. 

Day 2
Im up at 6:30, do the system, out for my run at 7am. I got 5 miles in this morning. Shower and take on my day. 

Now normally I'm ready for a nap by mid-day. 2 kids, its summer time and no school. Yeah, I need a nap but was feeling good. 

Then I realize its the middle of the day and I did not have my cup of coffee for the 2nd day! What! I forgot to have my coffee again! I'm a coffee drinker, daily! I fill up my 24oz Tervis Tumbler and drink it all. Since when do I forgot to have my coffee? Never! Well I have forgot about it 2 days in a row!

So now I'm thinking to myself, well this is really working. I'm waking up with no problem. I'm motivated to get back into running. This has got to be this system. 

Now I need to evaluate what is going on so far. 
-Got up and wasnt dragging
-I'm not snacking or craving junk
-I'm feeling good

Ok now. I've only have taken this for 2 days. Can this really be working? I believe it is! I have to sign up and become a Brand Promoter! 

I have signed up! Woo Hoo!

Now dont get any crazy ideas. I've been selling Scentsy and Thirty One for 4 years now. I know a little something about direct sales. More on this later. 

Day 3
I got up early and did not sleep well. I'm staying at my sisters and I dont sleep well in other peoples beds. But I got up at 7am. Chatted with her roommates, showered and hit up my Thirty One meeting. 

After the meeting, I came back, packed up and got the kids ready for a few hours at the beach. 

After the beach, we came back and got ready for the movies. 

After that, we had dinner and hung out the rest of the evening. It was a long long day. 

Again, I felt great all day, I wasnt tired by midday, specially after having a beach trip. 

Being on vacation for the weekend and eating right is hard but it was actually quite easy to do. I didnt over eat or snack. 

I am loving that I actually feel good when I get up. I'm not sluggish in the morning or dragging in the middle of the day.  I'm also getting a really good night sleep. Which is unusual for me. I don't usually sleep well and toss and turn.

So now lets move on to about the product.

Don't think of this as "That's a lot of money!" It's $5 a day! Yes, just $5 a day to a healthier You!
I wanted to show this before I get into the product. Then you know what to expect price wise. Don't look at this as "OMG! That is so expensive!" Let me ask you you get Starbucks, eat out for lunch or dinner, do you buy a soda and snack at the store? Well sit down an figure up how much money you are spending daily and weekly on "extra" things you really don't need. Yeah, you are probably realizing that you DO spend a lot of money on things you really don't need and if you gave up those things, you can spend it on a life changing product and I'm sure you'll have a little extra money left over!

Now Le-Vel Thrive is a Nutritional/Vitamin Supplement program. It's that simple.

Thrive is NUTRITION....not medicine. THRIVE competes with our foods and lifestyle, not any medical issue or treatment. Ask yourself, can you eat broccoli with diabetes? Can you have oranges if you are taking medicine for arthritis? THRIVE competes with lifestyles...whether it's a chosen one (food choices, lack of exercise, etc) or elemental (chemicals in lotions, air, foods, etc). Thrive is CONSTANTLY working to detoxify the body and put back IN what should be in there.

THRIVE is designed to target the weaknesses in your body by potentially filling nutritional gaps, which keep the body from performing as designed. The nutrition you're getting from the 1-2-3 in the morning will replace what is missing and get the body back to operating at peak levels.

Now I have to say that I'm a skeptical kind of person. I don't believe in a lot of this hoopla of magic wraps, magic pills, or magic anything when it comes to being healthy and loosing weight! There is nothing magical out there! I don't care what anyone says. No that pill is not going to help you loose weight. No that wrap is not going to make your fat just disappear. No you can't eat junk and be unhealthy and have some magic product.

Now I'm not trying to bash another companies products. If you want to believe it will work, by all means, have at it! This is just my opinion!

My philosophy is always eat healthy, exercise, and you'll see the results over time. Weight loss is NOT an over night thing. It takes time and patience.

I really believe in Le-Vel Thrive and the results that it is giving to men and women all over the country! Want to give it a try?

A 3-Day Trial is $25 (includes shipping)
A 7-Day Trail is $50 (includes shipping)

Send me an Email and Lets get you Started! You won't be disappointed!
be sure to put in the subject line "THRIVE"

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