Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thrive Day 4

Thrive Day 4
June 30, 2015

I had planned to do Tabata this morning before our trip to Arkansas, but my friend who teaches the class has the flu along with her 2 little girls. 

Up at 7am, doing my Thrive and feeling really good. Well its packing day and travel day. I've got laundry and cleaning od the house, as well as packing. We leave this evening. 

I got everything done and we hit the road about 8pm. Kids packed and loaded!

Finally passed out around mid-night in the front seat. 

I made sure I packed my 3 part system in my shaker and had it in the front seat for in the morning. 

I dont get very excited about much, but I am excited about Thrive and I look forward to having it everyday! I love it and it has totally changed my life. 

I'm a horrible sales person but Thrive is AMAZING! 

If you check out my blog post about my 3-Day Trial Pack, its loaded with a lot of information! Dont look at it as a price tag! Its a life style change!

Stop surviving day to day and start Thriving everyday! Live a long and Happy Life! Wouldnt you want to be around for your kids and grandkids? I know I do!

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