Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Color Run - Fayetteville, NC

The Color Run
May 24, 2014 - Fayetteville, NC

Race #3 of 2014

If you want to the most exciting color run, definitely do a run with The Color Run! This was the most fun! Don't foget the wear as much white as possible because you are going to be covered in several different colors before you leave! My seat belt is still blue!

Color Swag Bag!!! I got a number bib, a rubber bracelet, sweatband, a very cute T-Shirt, 2 tattoos and a very cool bag! I love shirts!

The Color Run is a family friendly company! This race, I walked the majority of the time since I had my son Jordan with me.

Jordan loves doing runs, even though he walks the majority of it. Sometimes he will want to sprint, but it's mainly walking. He's 6, so I can't expect him to do a lot of running!

Brie and Annabelle are ready to run!! It's always fun to have a friend with you!

 Our first station is yellow! Not a fancy color, but it's fun! Look at all these people ahead of us!

Talk about congestion! This was crazy! There are thousands of people there! This even sold out 1 month before the event! You were made to walk at the point and dodge people if you wanted to run!

Blue Station!!!

Hand's UP if you want some Blue Color! Jordan really liked this station. He wasn't keen on the yellow, but once we got to the blue station, he put his hands up to get some color!

WATER! Yes, I needed some water!

Jordan was NOT a fan of pink! He didn't want pink on him, but he did participate and get some pink!

Me and my Buddy, Jordan with PINK color!

PURPLE! Our last color station! Annabelle's favorite color is purple. There wasn't a lot of people around, so I had Belle and Jordan lay in the purple!

We DID IT! We finished and have added another 5k to our records! Now time to PARTY!

The best After Party Ever!!! Do a run with The Color Run!!!

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