Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Great Glow Run - Wilmington, NC

The Great Glow Run
The Battle Ship - Wilmington, NC
April 26, 2014

Race #2 of 2014
Glow Swag
I received a T-Shirt, Bib, 2 glow necklaces, 2 glow bracelets, and 4 pots of paint

My 2nd 5k of 2014 and Brie is my partner this time around! We did the 5k at the Battleship in Wilmington! It was fun for the most part! My shinsplints were killing me and people need to learn "Runners Etiquette!"

I would say this was one of the worst runs ever for etiquette! Runners to the LEFT, Walker to the RIGHT! Oh no...lets just stop in the middle of the extremely crowded race, or just walk in a line with all my friends, or lets ride a bike! I had to jog nearly in place or walk until there was an opening for me to jet around people! Oh lord! The complaints I have! It was terrible!

Due to the recent rain, the path we ran was flooded! I didn't train to run through water, so I did walking it. I kept to the right when walking!

Black Light Glow!

Almost race time!
The only place that you would "Glow" was at the starting gate, which was disappointing! But this is us while going through the starting gate.

Will I do this race again? I'm not sure. If I can't find another race in the month that this one is held, I might do it, but as of right now, I have no plans to do this again. This race was over crowded and there was not enough room on a 2 lane road for people going in BOTH directions!

However, we did have fun getting all painted up!

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