Saturday, July 19, 2014

Crazy Monkey Virtual 5k

US Road Running
Crazy Monkey 5k
Taylor, Arkansas
#5 race of the year

I came across US Road Running in one of my Facebook groups. This is pretty neat!

If you like to run but don't have the time to go out and run races, US Road Running is for you!

You chose a race on their website that you want to do. You purchase your bid and medal ($16 about). Then you run when you can! You can do it on the road, a tread mill, elliptical, walk or however you chose!

The company will mail you your bid and medal once you order. I chose the Crazy Monkey 5k. You have X amount of time to complete it. Then once you've completed your race, you log into your account and enter in your time and date. 

From there, you can see where you placed and who all raced that race!

Pretty smart idea! This is my first medal. I didn't have any races lines up for July, so while on vacation in Arkansas, I ran my 5k!

Anyone can do this! There is no age limit! Get motivated!

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