Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dirty Girl Mud Run - Baltimore, Md

Baltimore, Maryland
August 23, 2014
Run #6

Several months ago, my friend (Sherri), gave me a call. She said she really wanted to do this mud run and was trying to think of someone crazy enough to do it with her and thought of me since I'm always doing runs. So I said I'd love to do a mud run!!

Before you run a mud run, be sure that you do a little research so that you know what you are getting into. Know what kind of clothes to wear! You don't want to wear cotton! It will weigh a ton! Know how to dress! Check out the mud run site to see what obstacles you'll be doing! You want to be prepared! Dirty Girl is pretty easy! It's all blow up stuff!

I follow Mud Runner HQ on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He has an awesome website to read to help you prepare for a mud run! Be sure to follow him! Stay in the loop on Mud Runs! This website was a huge help to prepare me for my first mud run!

I was not expecting the terrible smell! I felt like I was in a horse barn! Yuck! All of the "muddy" stations has water, mud, and wood chips! WHY? I have no clue. I had wood chips and mud in all kinds of placed when I finally showered! I swear my sports bra was a collector of wood chips!

The "Rinse Off" station was so long! There was no way that we wouldn't stand there for at least an hour to rinse off. So we chose to go home to shower! Bring trash bags and towels to sit on!

It was a good thing we rode in an SUV! We were on a hill and there was so much mud from the rain that cars were getting stuck! Be prepared! There were a few kind guys in Jeeps that were attempting to get cars out of the mud or pushing cars out of the mud. It was crazy! is my Adventure in Mud with my friend Sherri!

Today was so much fun! The Dirty Girl Mud run is women only mud run! All ages and all sizes! Sherri and I ran this together. 

Kenmore is one of their sponsors!

At the gate! We are ready to run this!

Station 1 - You Go Girl! Girls Step Lively

I love thats its blow up stuff!!

Station 2 - Get a Grip

Rope Wall to climb

Selfie!! Sherri and I

Sherri at the top! I love how everyone was encouraging everyone!!

Station 3 - Barn Burner

Bouncing Up to the top!

Bouncing Down

Station 4 - Amaze Yourself

This was so much fun! You have to get through this station any way you want. Sherri and I cracked up laughing all they way through!

Not a notmal station but your feet would get stuck in the mud and you needed the rope to help pull yourself out of the mud!

Station 5 - Get Over Yourself

Station 6 - Pretty Muddy Stuff

The first offical station that you really get muddy! It was so gross due to the fact that the mud has wood chips in it. It wouldnt have been so bad, but it smelled like a horse barn!

Somebody dived right in!!

Station 7 - Runaway Bride

You gotta crawl through mud. This was a muddy mess!

Station 8 - Net Working

Going across nets! Sherri and I had so much fun trying to figure this one out!

Station 9 - Down and Dirty

Crawling on your hands and knees! I even crawled on my stomach! I liked this station a lot!

Finally hit up a water station and got some guy to take out picture!

Station 10 - Dirty Dancing

Up we go!!!

And down we go! Sherri and I held hands all the way down into the water! Then we tripped and I fell in!

Station 11: Utopian Tubes

In she goes!!! This was so gross and it smelled horrible!

The inside! Yucky!
Station 12: The Finish Line!!!

Who had fun? These muddy girls did!

Dirty Girls Play Dirty

At the end of the race, you can donate your shoes to help someone in another country who doesn't have shoes!

Shoes have been donated! I knew about this prior to coming to the race. So I made sure I had flip flops to wear home! I know someone will be happy with my pink and grey New Balance shoes!

Brie volunteered at this event and since she volunteered, she can race at another race for FREE! Score! See, if you volunteer your time, you get rewarded! Brie said, "Fake hug me Mom! I don't want to get nasty!"

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