Saturday, September 6, 2014

Color Me Rad - Wilmington, NC

Color Me Rad
Wilmington, NC
September 6, 2014
Run #7

Getting ready to head out to the race and its starting to rain!

Time to pick up our Rad Swag!

Its hot and muggy since its stopped raining! Yuck!

Photo Time! Everyone got their TuTu on?! Yep! We look Fab-U-Lus!!!

Yellow was our first station and it is raining! Ugg! Jordan is doing good!!

Blue Liquid is next! Hands up!! 

Jordan ended up getting a blister on his heal, so he took off his shoes and went barefoot! Poor guy! This is his first blister!

Purple is up next and Jordan is getting worn out!

Oh rain! Please stop! 

Time for some ORANGE!!

This guy said he needed to add some orange to his hair because he had no color in his hair!

Mom and Jordan picture time!!

They ran out of Pink, so he scooped it up!

Tossing some pink at me! He said I needed pink!

We made it!! The finish line and they were out of color packets!

Me, Jordan and Brie! This is our 5k that we do together!

Whose ready to toss some color??

Tossing some color!

Jump Around!!

Jordan had had enough for one day!

I'd say that Brie had a great time!

I made Jordan take off his shirt before getting in the car! Poor boy is stained!

Overall, the run wasnt too bad. I think it can be better organized! There was a lot of people here, just like last year. If you want good parking, get there early! We had to park across the street from UNC-W. 

I was disappointed that they ran out of pink color and had no color packets for us at the end. Thankfully, Brie grabbed a few extras. 

I like that the course was different from last year, but we did go through some of the same areas of the campus. 

I might have to make a special trip to NC next year to run with my girls! We are moving to Georgia next summer!

2 weeks until the Electric Run and Glow Bash!! 

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