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Running to Weight Loss

Running to Weight Loss

This is me May 2013(Right) and me May 2014 (Left)!
Running has helped me change my body!

Last year, I didn't think I was that over weight. NO BODY TOLD ME! We went to Disney World for The Summit cheerleading competition! When I saw this picture I was so embarrassed of myself! I couldn't believe how fat I was! YES, I was fat!

This is Tabatha (a personal trainer), Megan (a personal trainer), and myself (not a personal trainer). All of us are competitive cheerleading coaches! This is us at Disney Animal Kingdom! May 2013

 Clean and Colored Pictures

In August, I saw a post on Facebook for "Run for the Colors" 5k run in Beaufort sponsored by Carteret General Hospital. I said to Megan that I really wanted to do this race! She said, "Ok, lets do this!". Then I was telling my dad about it and he said he would do it. Of course my daughter also wanted to do it. Also, one of our cheer moms also ran too!

I started training by doing just 1 mile as many days as I could. I had shin splints so bad that I would spend the rest of the day laying on the couch with ice packs on my legs! I got up to 2 miles before the race.

The day of the race came (Sept 21st) and it was time for the race! My dad was the best! He stuck with me and kept motivating me the whole time and talking to me! I couldn't have finished that race without him! I finished my first 5k with my dad by my side! We finished at 42.30 minutes!

Almost to the finish line and pushing myself hard!

This race jump started me into racing! I don't like to train to run. I train because I sign up for runs that I like to do! I love doing color, glow and now mud runs! I'm a bit of a selfish running. I don't sign up for runs just to do them. I need to have something involved in the run, like a color run!

Starting in January 2014, I got serious about my weight loss. I use to weigh 128 lbs in high school. I'll never see that on the scale again, but my goal weight is a healthy 150 lbs. I'm 33 and I have 2 kids! Being that thin is not in my future! However, a realistic goal of 150 lbs is obtainable and my doctor agrees!

I started my running or walking of 3 miles in January. This is me and my race partner, Megan at our first run of the year in April. I can tell a BIG difference in my size from last year! I'm a lot smaller than I use to be!

Sept 2014 (left) and Sept 2013 (right)

I'm not super skinny, but I'm smaller than last year and a lot more confident in myself! I'm actually wearing compression shorts now!!!

I'm down 21.2 lbs since January this year! It's been a slow process but I'm getting to were I want to be! Sure its taken 9 months to drop 20 lbs, but my goal is to be down to 150 by next summer. I know I can do it!

I hope my story inspires you to get moving! Even if you just walk every few days for just a short distance, you're doing better than the person sitting on their couch doing nothing! Set realistic goals for yourself!

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