Friday, September 19, 2014

Electric Run - Raleigh, NC

Electric Run - Glow Run 5k
Raleigh, NC
September 19, 2014
Run #8

Heading to the Start line

We are ready to Run! (Brie and I)

The Starting Gate

First Glow Area - Glowing Umbrella's! This was really neat!

Christmas Lights! Brie hung with me!

Sweet Treats area! Here we come!

Blue Gummy Bear! Brie wanted to eat him!

Green Gummy Bear! Brie and I with this gummy!

More sweet treats!

Cupcakes and Icecream! When you get to this section, you are hit with the sweet smell of baked cookies and cakes! Amazing!!!

Brie earing the icecream cone!

Blue cupcake! Brie hugging this cupcake!

Water Break Time!!

Under the Sea!!

The Jelly Fish - Me and Brie

Funky Coral - Dive in!!

Jelly Fish!! People were having a blast here taking pictures with all the under the sea items!

Attack of the Jelly Fish!!

Jelly Head!!


Rainbow Tunnels!! This is the home stretch before the finish area!

The Finish Line is in site!!!

My Rock Star!!!

The After Party was Jamming!!

Brie and I!! Brie stuck with me the whole time, which was really nice. Usually I run alone and she goes off and waits at the finish line for me. It was really nice to have her with me the whole time! Not to many years left before she goes off to college!

I would highly recommend the Electric Run to my fellow runners! It was a blast! 

Be aware that there is a $5 packet pick up fee for the race day. As it was explained to me, they have to staff more people for race day pick up packets. You can come the day before and pick up for free, but race day its $5. This covers the extra man power needed. I wasnt very happy about that since its not stated on their website or when you register. I've never been to a race that charges. Its discouraging to runners like myself that travel 3 hours to run. 

Aside from that, this race was AWESOME! Will I do it again? Oh yeah! This is by far the best glow run and its totally worth the drive and money to participate! There is so many exciting "Lands" to visit! I cant even imagine how much it costs to put this event on! It was a blast!

Rockstar energy drinks is a sponsor and was giving away drinks. Brie took home 5 drinks and I ended up with 3. We also each got 1 before the race! 

Find out when the Electric Run will be in your area an sign up! You wont regret it!

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