Saturday, September 20, 2014

Glow Bash - Wilmington, NC

Glow Bash 5k
Scavenger Hunt
Wilmington, NC
September 20, 2014
Run #9

This was super fun after we found a group to help us! It was crazy! But it is a scavenger hunt! So you need to know the area!

The Hints!

1. Selfie with a license plate with a "P". I only did 1 car. 

2. Oldest surviving structure - 1738
(our friends were not very good at taking pictures)

3. Pilot filmed for Karen's Cafe
3. We werent sure which place it was, so we did 2 different places

4. The Library - pose in your favorite story - Cinderella

5. Railroad - ACLR headquarters

6. News Station

7. Childrens Museum

8. Out of State ID - Im not posting this picture because we did an up close photo of a guys ID card and no one needs his personal information, but we found a guy from Tennessee!

9. Courthouse Dramas are filmed here!!

10. Historic Mansion was build between 1859 and 1861 - Bellamy Mansion Museum

11. New Hanover High School - TV shows are filmed here!!

Our new friends who are from Wilmington. We came across them when we were just following people and came to our second clue. I asked them if they minded if we followed them because we had no clue what we are doing or going. They said yes! They knew where everything was. 

If you dont know the area, ask another group if you can join them! You make new friends!

This was a lot of fun and I would definetly would do this again!!

I do love the swag! We got a bib, shirt, 2 glow bracelets, glow glasses, glow stick, and loom bracelet! Once you finish, you get your all ur clues finished, you get a finisher dog tag medal!

Brie and I had so much fun! I will do this again! We ran all over the place down town!

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