Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 1 of a New Me!

January 1, 2015
starting weight: 187.4 lbs. 
goal weight: 150 lbs. 

Today is my first day running and walking. The last time I ran was Sept. 20, 2014! Boo on me for slacking!

I started out just walking but I did feel like running. Since I havent ran in months, I wanted to take it slow starting out. 

After a while, I came across another runner on the opposite side of the road. I figured I start running. We did a friendly wave and I ran for quite a bit. I was proud of myself. He motivated me to run! 

So I continued to walk and run until I got home. 

I felt really good after I did that. I didnt think I could do 3 miles on my first day, but i did!

Making progress!! Now to keep myself motivated and do this daily and get into a routine! Which is going to be hard becuase I start babysitting my neice in a few weeks and shes 2 yrs old, so I'll be doing really long walks with her unless I can find a cheap jogging stroller. 

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