Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day 3 - Motivation

January 4, 2014
miles: 4.03

I had planned for today to be a rest day because my shins hurt, but Tammy texted me and said I had to go for a run with her family. So off we went. 

It was raining and sprinkling but it didnt stop us. We did 2 miles and turned around after that to head back to her house to make our 4 miles. 

On the way back it started to down pore! We were soaked to the bone but kept going. We alternated between running and walking. 

On our way to the 2 mile mark, my shin solints in the left leg were really getting the best of me, but I wasnt going to stop.  We were going to keep going. 

On the way back, the pain let up and I was able to run farther and more often. We did great, dispite the rain. That just gave us more motivation to run!

I dont think I could have ran as much as I did without Tammy pushing me and encouraging me. Sometimes I just need that. I need someone to tell me "Yes you can!" Specially when I doubt myself or let the pain start getting to me. 

Tammy and Annabelle (her daughter) stayed with me the whole time. Neil (her hubby) and Nick (her son) went their own way. Of course the boys were home when we got their and they only did 2 miles! Us girls did 4 miles and we ROCK!

Sure I wish I could run better and farther, but that will come one day. I just have to keep pushing. I'll eventually be in better shape and can run for longer period. But for now, I do my best and thats all that matters!

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