Friday, February 20, 2015

RunDisney Frozen 5k

runDisney Frozen 5k
Brie's Adventure

We arrived at 5am to run 3.1 miles! Yep...5 AM! I've handed my cellphone off to her so she can take photos of her run! Here is her collection of photos!

It was freezing this morning! Of course, I have both Brie and Jordan with me at 5am at Epcot. Jordan will have his 1 mile race at 8am. So Jordan and I hung out together waiting on Brie to finish. "The Frozen 5K" is appropriate for this morning as we are all freezing! We stayed near the corals to wait and the wind was blowing. Jordan only had a thin jacket on and I have a fleece jacket with a windbreaker. So he ended up with my windbreaker. His poor little face was frozen!

The Starting Gate!

And they're off!

When running, you can't go by what the timers say. You don't start at the same time as the people who are in the very front! So it's always good to keep your own time while running. Let Disney worry about the chip and times on their counters. You'll get your official results later.

Someone is looking a little tired. Running through Epcot really early on a freezing cold morning might not have been the very best idea! She wasn't happy about running so early in the morning and not having a long sleeve under her shirt. I told her that she'll warm up once she starts running!

Oh, I think someone is finally starting to wake up! She's got Epcot in the background!

Yep! Someone is a wake and getting excited!

Where are the characters? I know they are close!

Epcot! Its so pretty lit up! Almost to mile 2! Keep on going!

YAY! Mile 2! Finally getting there!

Gotta listen to the jams!

Who do we have here?!

The Frozen Characters!

Someone wants Starbucks really bad and it's not open yet! Dang Epcot, you should have been open for the runners to grab a coffee! It's cold outside!

Made it to Epcot! Now to find that finish line!

She sees that mile 3 marker!

Woo Hoo! Mile 3! She's almost done!

YAY! It's over! Her first Disney 5k completed and on the books!
And She's a Winner! Well, she's always a winner in my book!

Hard Work and is rewarded with her medal!

She had such a great time! This is a race that we will do again in the future!

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