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RunDisney Half Marathon & Glass Slipper Challenge

runDisney Princess Half Marathon

My Results are at the bottom on this blog!

Sherri and I are ready to get this party started. We are in corral "O" today. The last corral is "P". There is about a 10 minute span between each corral leaving the starting line.

Keep in mind, I did NOT train for this. I should have and I know, but I just didn't. Sherri and I, neither trained for this. We went with the "Lets Wing It" thoughts!

I also spend Thurs all day at Universal Studio's. Then Friday, we got up for my daughter to run the Frozen 5k and my son to run the Kids Run 1 mile, which I ran with him. Then we hit Universal Studios for day 2. Saturday, I got up, ran a 10k, and we went back to Universal Studios for day 3. Now it's time for the Half Marathon!

Here We Go!

Mile 1 and my shin splints are killing me! Where is the medic station?
Oh it's coming up shortly...
Thank you Medic Dude for taping up my leg! You are the best! It doesn't hurt anymore!

Mile 2
I'm ready to go! I'm feeling pretty good at this point.

Magic Kingdom enterance!
There were workers who had signs that said "Bump" and they were making up their own song and dancing to the word "Bump".

WHAT WHAT!!! The Magic Kingdom and I get the run threw it!
Oh Yes!

Mile 3
I'm feeling many more miles until I'm finished???

5k Flag!

Mile 4...heading into the park

Mile 5 - yep...I've made it this far!

Mile 5 Flag

THERE IT IS! Cinderella's Castle! I'm so excited!

Yep Yep! This girl is getting excited!

The Castle!!

I get to run threw this Castle! Have you run threw the castle?

Princess Delina is about to run threw the Castle!

Mile 6

10k - Behind the scenes! They had floats back here all over the place. It must be where the characters on their floats for the parade every day!

Oh Crap..look at all these lane to run in.
Someone's yelling that the Balloon Ladies are right behind us and we need to get moving!

Miles 7...Am I close to the end yet?

Do you see those bus's? Yep...the Balloon Ladies are nipping on my heels and there is about to be a "Sweep!" A sweep is when you are not at your pace and will be taken out of the race!

Must Keep Legs Moving...No time for character pictures...Must...Keep...Moving...

9th there an end to this race?


The Last Major Sweep of the Race! I'm doing my best, but those pesky balloon ladies are so close!

At this point, I can no longer feel my legs or feet except for the blisters on the sides of my heels. My brain feels like it's in a drunkin' fog. I'm ready for a mental break down...which ended up happening. At the bottom you'll read more about that.

When runners say that their mind starts going after you've been running for a while, it's true! You won't understand it until you've had it happen to you! It's crazy! I thought I was losing my mind. Seriously!  I did. It's not joke!

Thank you Jesus!
Do I even own anything from the waist down?????

There is a GOD!
And a lady with donuts around the corner from Dunkin Donuts. I wish I could have had one. I know I'd throw it up though.

My ONLY Character Photo! I don't mind. I like Sophia. My niece and I watch her together!

Must keep legs moving!

20K...Am I at the end yet???


I had to have a picture of myself at mile 13. I stopped long enough to have my picture taken because Ariel is my favorite character and I needed proof for myself that I made it!

There it is! The end is in sight!

WOW! What a day this has been! My body wants to stop moving so bad! Just get over that finish line I keep telling myself.

I met the lady in yellow around mile 4 or 5. We chatted for a bit and then I ran on head of her. She came up behind me just after mile 10. She patted me on the back and told me to keep going. I completely broke down crying. I was exhausted, my body was screaming at me, my brain is telling me to quit, my brain is tell me to just stop and rest for a second, and I was just DONE! She said NO! You are not allow to quit! You've come to far to quit!

She then introduced to me to the lady in pink. This was her first half marathon too. After we got past the last "Sweep", I just couldn't push myself anymore. I let those Balloon Ladies pass me and I just kept walking. The Lady in Pink kept talking to me and kept pushing me. She was with me until the end.

As we approached the finish line, I said to the lady in pink...we can run this! Let run over the finish line together! I don't know where I mustard up the strength, but I did and I ran over that finish line.

After we received our medals, the Lady in Yellow was waiting for us. She gave us BIG HUGS and I started crying again! I did it. I still get teary eyed thinking about that moment. I did it!

Thanks to these 2 ladies, I finished this half marathon! I couldn't have done it without them! They will both always hold a special place in my heart!

*9/22/15 - I did some hunting and I found out the ladies names!
Pink: Maria Mitchell (Florida)
Yellow: Annette Booker (Texas)

Happy 40th Birthday Sherri!
This was a weekend to remember!

My body, legs, and feet hurt so bad that I got a free ride on the luggage trolly to go to our hotel room!

At this point, had you asked me if I would ever do this again, my answer was a sure fire "HELL NO!"

But now, I would definitely do this again!

As my sister said "Its like child birth, you don't remember the pain! So you'll do it again!"
That's exactly it. I don't remember the pain and will defiantly do the Glass Slipper Challenge again next year! I'm down for some more self torture!

My Medals! I'm so Proud of Myself!

We got these cute bags when we were getting drinks after we received our medals.

One of my Greatest Accomplishment!
I never thought I would actually ever do a half marathon, let alone do the Glass Slipper Challenge!
I couldn't be more proud of myself and I earned those medals 100%!

My Results

runDisney runners snack box!
They had some yummy treats in these boxes! Want to know whats inside? Run a Disney Race and You'll find out!!!

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